As your workplace health partner we’ll work with you to tailor a comprehensive wellness strategy.


Our range of assessments are carried out by experienced qualified health practitioners who understand and specialise in a workplace health setting.


Our range of medical and health services help to reduce risk to employers and employees.


Our health services help employers to ensure their workforce remains fit for work and compliant with industry standards.


We educate and motivate employees to be fit, healthy and engaged. Our programs are based on the latest research in optimising team health and wellbeing.

A few highlights...

Our Clients Say

  • “Having Mel go over her presentation in the vibrant happy manner she has certainly got everyone talking how they could improve their diet and exercise. (more…)

    Janet Grundy, Safety Coordinator, Sibelco

  • “Pre-screening is absolutely vital in the mine industry, not only for compliance but to ensure the long-term quality and resilience of our workforce. Due to the nature of our business we have high demands for Debbie and her team always do their best to accommodate us. Their medicals are thorough. I have never had cause to redo any medical that we have booked over the last 5 years”.

    Jill McDonald, Administration Manager, DT Workforce

  • ‘The Vitality Works staff have been able to effectively engage with our workforce to implement the SafeSpine™ program at GDF SUEZ Australian Energy, Hazelwood. The staff adapted to our site’s needs to implement the program and get the workers to incorporate SafeSpine™ into their work and home lives.’

    Catherine Ashford, Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, Hazelwood

  • “The service provided by Vitality Works is very professional – from initial request for info and proposal to the execution of the training and sustainability program which have left a lasting impression on all staff, The programme was relevant to our staff and at the end of the day our objective was well and truly achieved and that was to entrench a strong safety message through communication and teamwork with participant feedback that it was the best session of its type they had ever done.I would recommend it as an option for any company.”

    Andrew Collins, Project Manager Business Process Improvement, Sydney Trains (Asset Management)

  • “I just wanted to acknowledge Gemma, and how passionate she is about her job. I sat in on her delivery of this months topic about the “heart”, and in my experience of the health and fitness industry i have never seen a presentation delivered as she did. It wasn’t read out word for word, but visually she was able to communicate the message through her knowledge, passion, experience and diagrams, i can assure you at 5am in the morning, the presentation was not boring, nor were the staff involved yawning or uninterested.”

    Maera Paki, Assistant Village Manager, ISS Facility Services Sino|Eramurra


Transform Your Workplace

Message From Our Regional Manager

Vitality Works is proudly the leading workplace health provider in New Zealand. Our vision is to change lives. We believe and can demonstrate that where there is a comprehensive strategic wellness system in place, the people and the business will thrive. We invite you to partner with us as we transform your organisation to reach optimal performance through optimal health. Healthy People > Thriving Business


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