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Vitality Works is a Sanitarium company, passionate about health at work. We are a leading provider of Workplace Health Services across Australia and New Zealand. From health assessments to engaging wellbeing programs, and from the corporate office to the mining site, our world class programs demonstrate real returns.

Our approach of transformation focuses on the individual as well as the business. We work to resource and inspire happy, healthy people. At the same time, we help cultivate a thriving business, or in short:

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Vibrant People

Vitality Works people love what they do. They are highly trained, vibrant leaders in the field of workplace health.


Blue collar or white – our programs change lives.
Our tailored approach to wellness generates results in any industry.

Measurable Results

We’re geared to develop tailored wellness strategies that have a measurable impact on performance, engagement and morale.

Full-spectrum Approach

Our core business is offering workplace solutions to ASSESS health, PREVENT ill-health and injuries and to help employees THRIVE. This is the foundation of wellness that works!

Depth and Breath

We are a Trans-Tasman organisation with a responsive, national infrastructure to deliver a diverse range of quality comprehensive programs

Research-based Innovation

Our solutions are award-winning and research based. We have a dedicated innovation team who focus on ground-breaking programs that get people thriving.

Healthy Habits Change Lives

From Weet-Bix to Wellbeing - Our Hertiage

In 2013 Sanitarium Workplace Health Services united six expert health and wellness providers across Australasia as Vitality Works. Since the inception of the Sanitarium Food Company in the early 1900’s, this organisation has always been about inspiring and resourcing our community to experience happy, healthy living.

The merging of the intellectual property and specialist expertise of these six legacy companies offers Australian and New Zealand organisations a unique ‘end to end’ health partner that is committed to making a difference!


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