The VitalityHub is a state of the art technology platform that delivers your company’s employee wellbeing strategy. The Hub is beautiful in design, fun and easy to use. It is populated with engaging content (including articles, videos and infographics) and fun challenges that have been developed by our internal team and sourced externally from leading wellbeing experts. A successful employee wellbeing strategy will enhance your corporate reputation both internally and within the community, and as such the VitalityHub is customised to look and feel like your company and can also be made available to your employees families.

How it works

  • Your people begin by measuring their wellbeing starting point with our class–leading Wellbeing 360 tool.
  • Then they are welcomed into their personal dashboard that is populated with recommendations on how to improve their wellbeing, customised personal challenges, recommended articles and videos to consume.
  • Users are invited to set their own personal goals and track progress towards these goals in a timeframe of their choosing.
  • Of course they can choose to do whatever activities they like anytime and on any device.

The VitalityHub is interactive, gamified and designed to continually attract your employees back to the hub. We do this by ensuring the site is constantly updated with new and engaging content and programs and by having wellbeing experts (GPs, Dietitians, Physios, Psychologists) on hand waiting to support your employees with their personal health and wellbeing questions and goals.

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