“Having Mel go over her presentation in the vibrant happy manner she has certainly got everyone talking how they could improve their diet and exercise.

Given the environment we work in and as some sections of the plant work 24 hours I felt it was important to keep telling the workers how important sleep is and how important it is to have a restful sleep. Part of having good sleep is eating well and exercising. I am also conscious that we have a very ageing workforce here and some workers are close to retirement and need to ensure they continue to look after themselves when they leave here.

Be an ANT Killer certainly got my attention, as we have lots of negative thoughts here at the moment due to our pit closure. To try and put a positive spin on things is very difficult and I’m sure people were not aware of how many negative thoughts they have in a day. We now discuss one positive thing each day and share it, we call it our “APT” topic. (Automatic Positive Thing). It has been working and some people are starting to be more positive and happy.”